TeleSlithers answers the question 'What happens if you cross Snake with teleporters?'

Slither around, avoid your own tail, and go through teleporters to both navigate and grow longer.

If that's not complicated enough, challenge up to 3 friends and compete to be the last snake left alive.

What Is It?

TeleSlithers is a Snake-style game, inspired by the old Nokia classic. For those who missed out on old phones, the rules are simple:

1. Eat food to get longer
2. Don't hit anything
3. In single-player: survive as long as you can
4. In multi-player: be the last snake alive

The twist in TeleSlithers is that eating food both makes you longer, and teleports you.

Why not watch a demo video instead?

If single-player gets too easy, why not challenge your friends to see who is the ultimate snake?

TeleSlithers Multiplayer

How Do I Get It?

TeleSlithers is still currently in production, but I'm hoping to release it on Steam this year.

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