Pew Pew Bang Bang

Pew Pew Bang Bang is a local multiplayer competitive Asteroids-style game. In other words, you fly little ships around and try to shoot each other.

The twist is that the entire game is built on a physics engine. So, bullets bounce and can be deflected back at you by other ships. Combined with the fact that every player has a power pool which controls ammo and deflecting, and Pew Pew Bang Bang becomes a chaotic fight for victory.

What Is It?

Pew Pew Bang Bang is a modern take on Asteroids, built on a physics engine to allow for more chaos. Bullets bounce allowing for complex and impressive shots, or for you to accidentally shoot yourself in the face.

Other headline features are:
1. Power ups which each offer a unique bullet type
2. A deflector shield to return bullets to sender
3. Permanent marks on the levels as you play
4. A dark mode where you have to paint the walls to see
5. A mode where you have to score a giant ball
6. A reverse-tag mode involving a giant ball
7. And many more...

Why not watch the latest progress video to see?

I'm usually constantly adding things to this or one of my other games, so if you want to see the latest progress, you can likely find it on my YouTube or Twitter account.

How Do I Get It?

Pew Pew Bang Bang is by far the most complicated game I'm currently working on. I hope to release it as soon as I can, but my other two games are likely to release first.

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