Central Limit Theorem

This is Central Limit Theorem: a shooter where enemies learn behaviours from those that went before.

Each enemy has a unique behaviour and they each leave a different ink on the playfield.

When another enemy crosses this ink later, however, it will learn the behaviours of those that went before!

The more ink, the more difficult the enemies become!

What Is It?

Central Limit Theorem is a survival shooter where you have to protect your central planet for as long as you can from the geometric shapes attacking it. Each shape has a unique behaviour:

- Triangles leave cyan ink and can shoot at the player
- Squares leave magenta ink and weave
- Pentagons leave yellow ink and orbit the planet

Unfortunately, if other enemies cross the ink left on the playfield later, they will learn the behaviours of those who came before. Worse still, the ink left is permanent and will mix with any ink already around to create ink which can teach enemies multiple behaviours at once. So, the longer you survive, the more dangerous the enemies become.

Why not watch me have a go?

I'm currently working on an alt-controller for the game too, one which won the IGDA Scotland 2018 Edinburgh Play Party Community Choice Award. Here it is, in use:

I couldn't get along to the Global Game Jam 2018 (#GGJ18), but I decided to take the opportunity to create something within the same time frame. The theme was 'transmission', so I allowed enemies to transmit their behaviours to others via ink!

How Do I Get It?

Central Limit Theorem is still currently in production, but I'm hoping to release it on Steam this year.

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